Beginners Guide

Run by Land Data's CEO Jan Boothroyd, this is an introductory course for people new to local land charges and those working for 2 years or less in the sector.

Beginners Guide

The Beginners Guide is designed to help new staff members grasp the concepts of the profession, putting those concepts into context and providing a solid foundation for moving forward to the more advanced aspects of local land charges.

Using practical examples, delegates will be taken through real life scenarios covering the LLC Register, definitions, registrations and removals as well as the CON29 and the changes which were implemented in July 2016.

The course costs £250 per delegate which includes all training materials, lunch and refreshments.


Local Land Charges

  • Background
  • Legislation and Definitions
  • The LLC Register
Using a small number of practical examples, delegates will be taken through real life scenarios covering:
  • The LLC register
  • Definitions
  • Registrations and removals
  • Order and supply process
  • Fees and parcels of land


Form CON29

  • Background
  • Working with data supply departments
  • CON29 questions, old and new and subtext
  • Problem solving and Q&A
  • Knowledge audit
21 October 2020 Beginners Course London £250 Sign up
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