In-Person Training

Practical training courses for both new and experienced Local Land Charges personnel are held in central London venues. We can also offer an in-house training day at a local authority office for a minimum of 12 delegates. The in-house training is a good option for delegates who find it difficult or too costly to travel to London.

All of our in-person training courses have been written by Jan Boothroyd, the country's leading Local Land Charges and CON29 expert, and the author of Garner's Local Land Charges. In-person training will restart in 2022.

A Beginners Guide to the LLC1 & CON29

This 1-day course has been created to help new local land charges personnel grasp the concepts of the profession, putting those concepts into context and providing a solid foundation for moving forward to the more advanced aspects of local land charges.

Using practical examples, delegates will be taken through real life scenarios covering the LLC Register, definitions, registrations and removals as well as the CON29 and the changes which were implemented in 2016.

The course fee includes all training materials, lunch and refreshments.

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per delegate
Understanding the CON29

A 1-day course with the principal objective of providing staff working either in Local Land Charges sections or in the CON29 data providing departments with an understanding of the form, the enquiries and the responses required.

The day starts with an overview of the legislative and procedural framework surrounding the CON29. This is followed by an in-depth examination of each of the CON29 enquiries. An overview of the CON29O will also be included.

All training materials, lunch and refreshments are included within the price.

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per delegate
Fundamentals of the LLC1 & CON29 
for County Councils

This 1 hour online course takes a closer look at the LLC1 & CON29 background and legislative context, CON29 questions, risks and liabilities. It will help those new to, or already working with District Councils on Local Land Charge or CON29 data provision and attendees will gain a greater understanding about the importance of what they are doing and why.

It is written for those working in a County Council environment, specifically staff dealing with the provision of highways data for inclusion in the CON29, Public rights of way CON29 enquiries, County to District planning and legal land and property matters and Local authority search queries.

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per delegate
There are currently no training dates available, please check back soon
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