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Practical training courses for both new and experienced local land charges personnel can be arranged from venues based in central London.  We can also offer an in-house training day at a local authority office for a minimum of 12 delegates.  The in-house training is a good option for delegates who find it difficult or too costly to travel to London.

Beginners Course
Beginners Guide to Local Land Charges and the CON29.
CON29 Course
A course focusing specifically on the CON29 enquiries
Online Training
Live and pre-recorded online courses for Local Authorities



Our in-person training courses have been replaced with two-hour live and interactive 'Ask The Expert' sessions.   The first hour of the session focuses on an overview of the LLC1 and CON29 while the second hour is tailored to your specific training needs, for example, you may have issues around charging regulations, parcels of land or enforcement notices that you would like addressed.  You can of course just book the first hour overview of the LLC1 and CON29.

The session is run by Jan Boothroyd, Land Data's Special Project's Advisor and author of Garner's Local Land Charges. Prices start from £300 per hour for up to 8 delegates from the same Local Authority.

If you would like to discuss how the session would work best for your team please call or email Shelly Newman on 020 7251 8385 shelly.newman@land-data.org.uk.


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