NLIS Hub team geared up and ready for HMLR Local Land Charges Service

04 July 2018

Land Data, the National Land Information Service (NLIS) regulator, has confirmed the NLIS Hub has completed all the technical development, changes and rigorous testing necessary for the roll out of local authority LLC records to HMLR’s centralised digital register.

With Warwick District Council confirmed as the first Local Authority to transfer its data on 11 July and 8 others to follow over the summer months, NLIS channel customers - SearchFlow, Thames Water Property Searches, Index and Big Property Data - can be confident their conveyancing clients will see no difference in delivery and will continue to benefit from a smooth, seamless, electronic service.

NLIS has benefited from being a beta test partner for the HMLR programme, which has enabled the team to get ahead with the necessary changes and testing.  In addition to this, Land Data is a member of the Local Land Charges Programme Advisory Board and has been advising HMLR on the importance of keeping the time gap in delivering the LLC1 and CON29 searches to an absolute minimum.  As more LLC data migrates to HMLR, NLIS has a process to ensure the gap is minimal and conveyancers can continue to receive the LLC1 and CON29 searches together where preferred.

NLIS connects users directly to land and property information held by Local Authorities, central Government and other organisations that provide official sources of land and property data. It offers the highest standards of electronic property search accessibility available on the market today. Regulated by Land Data, it is the safest, most secure data hub in the land and property search information market. NLIS was established in 2001 and is the only government approved and regulated electronic land and property searches portal in the market.   



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