Land Data Chief Executive Jan Boothroyd steps down

30 June 2021

Board of Directors selects Fiona Barron to succeed as CEO

Jan Boothroyd retained as special advisor to work on specific Local Land Charges projects

June 30 2021 Land Data’s Board of Directors announced today that after 20 commendable years at the company, including the last 12 years as CEO, Jan Boothroyd will step down as CEO and from its Board of Directors, with immediate effect.  Jan will take up a special projects and advisor role to work on specific matters including Local Land Charges training and advice for local government.

The Board of Directors selected Fiona Barron, currently the company’s head of communications and operations to succeed her as CEO with service beginning immediately. Fiona Barron has been at Land Data for 13 years and joins a solid and effective Board of Directors led by chairman Imtiaz Farookhi, all of Land Data’s Board members have held senior public sector appointments.

Land Data Chair, Imtiaz Farookhi commented: “The Land Data board is extremely grateful to Jan for her significant achievement and consistent commitment to her principals and the company’s CIC values, which benefit the home buying & selling community.  Jan has been instrumental in making Land Data and NLIS the solid and successful organisations they are today.  We are confident the organisation is in great hands under Fiona’s leadership and equally delighted Jan will be engaged to advise on special Local Land Charges projects.”

Jan Boothroyd commented: “I’ve really enjoyed my career working with or around Local Land Charges, from learning the basics through to rolling out NLIS across local government and running Land Data, but it’s the people that have provided the icing on the cake. Some have become life-long friends and many I look forward to seeing at future meetings or events.   I know Fiona will bring fresh and exciting qualities to the role of CEO and I look forward to seeing Land Data and NLIS going from strength to strength.”

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