Land Data Awards NLIS Channel License to PoweredbyPIE (PIE)

13 November 2018

PIE becomes the fifth live NLIS Channel alongside SearchFlow, Thames Water Property Searches, Index and Big Property Data

Land Data, the NLIS regulator has awarded a NLIS channel license to PoweredbyPIE (PIE), which recently merged with PSG Connect Ltd (PSG) to create a leading provider of legal services for the conveyancing sector.   The new license will grant PIE electronic connectivity to the NLIS Hub and access to draw down authoritative land and property data from over 380 data providers. 

PIE’s business model is based on adding value and empowering law firms to help them grow within their markets. As a NLIS channel license holder, PIE’s conveyancing clients will benefit from access to regulated authoritative conveyancing search data, direct from the data provider.  The move will enhance PIE’s current search aggregation service in terms of speed, delivery and customer experience.

Jan Boothroyd, Chief Executive of Land Data added: “The HMLR Local Land Charges Register consolidation programme marks a seminal change in the search provision arena. We welcome PIE, an established legal services company into the NLIS club at a time where we are seeing a growing appetite across the market for authoritative electronic property search data.” 

Rob Phillipson, Chief Operating Officer of PIE comments:  “As the largest provider of legal search services in the UK, we are wholly committed to driving forward and expanding our service and data provisions for our clients to ensure they have the very best options available for their bespoke needs. Being awarded the NLIS channel license enables us to provide the complete suite of property search data provision.”  

NLIS was established 17 years ago and is the only government approved and regulated electronic land and property searches portal in the market.  To date almost 25 million conveyancing searches have been processed through the NLIS Hub.

Land Data is inviting companies to apply for a license to operate as a regulated provider of NLIS data, interested parties should contact

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