DCLG call for evidence Improving the Home Buying and Selling Process: Land Data's Response

15 December 2017

DCLG Call For Evidence: Improving the Home Buying & Selling Process – Land Data Response

Land Data’s principle activity is the management and regulation of the commercial contracts underpinning the National Land Information Service (NLIS). We also offer a range of comprehensive training, support and advice options specifically designed for local authorities.    

Our response focuses on the local authority search environment and our comments reflect the company’s long-term interaction with NLIS stakeholders and industry partners.

  • Overall we support the need for greater transparency throughout the process, the removal of referral fees and the provision of more up-front information  
  • Local authorities face a number of service provision challenges. However, we believe there are supportive measures that, if initiated, could reduce or potentially negate future delays in this area
  • We would not support the introduction of insurance as a replacement for authoritative searches. Other countries have actively chosen to retain data provision, rather than move to an insurance model. We would be concerned that changing the status-quo would affect consumer confidence, deter potential investors and create unintended delays. 
  • Land Data supports a “certainty-sooner” model created by:

    - introducing a financial "bond" for sellers, to reduce gazumping
    - improving “chain” transparency to reduce uncertainty and stress
  • Finally, Land Data calls for the introduction of new data standards to protect both the search data quality and those relying on the data in search related products
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