Property Searches explained

Local Authorities maintain a large amount of data about properties in their area. Searches of these records, 'Local Authority Searches', provide essential information for conveyancers and homebuyers.

What is contained in a Local Authority Search?

A “standard” local authority search is comprised of an LLC1 (request for a search of the Local Land Charges Register) plus a CON29 questionnaire. A search with extra questions comprises of an LLC1 plus CON29 questionnaire, as well as some or all of the CON29O optional questions.

LLC1 The Official Certificate of Search

This reveals the entries on the Local Land Charges Register. This would include (if applicable to the property):

  • Tree preservation orders
  • Listed buildings status
  • Conservation areas since 1974
  • Smoke control areas
  • Conditional planning permissions
  • Community Infrastructure Levy charges
  • Article 4 Directions
  • Financial charges registered against the property
  • Planning Enforcement Notices

CON29 The Enquiries of Local Authorities Form

This includes:

  • Planning history
  • Building control regulations
  • Highway information (including road scheme proposals)
  • Proposed tree preservation orders
  • Proposed planning enforcement or breach of condition notices
  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
  • Assets of community value
  • Rail schemes and proposals
  • Public footpaths shown on definitive maps


CON290 The Optional Enquiries of Local Authorities Form

This includes:

  • Gas pipelines
  • Common land enquiries
  • Flood defences and land drainage consents

Personal searches

The Local Land Charges Act 1975 defines a ‘personal search’ as an inspection of the Local Land Charges Register. A LLC Register is held and maintained by every local authority across England and Wales.

A personal search (as described above) will not provide the necessary information required to answer forms CON29 or CON29O.

More information

For further explanation about property searches please download our guide.

Land Data Property Searches Guide


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