Local Authority Searches Team of the Year

This award acknowledges that producing a local authority search requires input from a wider local authority team. Whether you work electronically or manually, on your own or as part of a LLC team, you will have colleagues in other departments who input CON29 data or responses.   

The Local Land Charges Institute have determined the criteria below and will be judging this award. They will be looking for evidence of:

Comprehensive CON29 replies – including all relevant information and informatives, along with details showing where further information can be obtained

  • Methods of communication – website, social media, email, answerphone etc.
  • Consistency of turnaround times – you do not have to be the fastest, but you do need to be consistent over a period of time and within a 10 day turnaround. You must show that your customers can rely on search replies being received within a certain time frame. This can be evidenced by providing copies of any internal reports maintained by the LLC department and should show results covering a period of at least six months.
  • Cover/continuity of service – evidence should be provided to show that the LLC Section has a plan in place for the continuity of the service through holidays, sickness or a worse-case scenario event (as it did with one LA whose offices were destroyed by fire).
  • Interaction between other relevant departments – how does the LLC section work with other departments such as highways, building control and planning, both in the provision of the regular service and in times of change to ensure that accurate information goes out to customers.  
  • Chain of Command – How does the LLC section keep senior management informed of any issues relating to the service and vice versa? Are all interested parties kept in the loop in a timely fashion?
  • Information sharing within the LLC team – How does the LLC Team ensure that it keeps itself up to date with internal organisational changes and national changes in legislation and practices affecting the service?

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Closing Date: 12 January 2019

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