Best Customer Experience Award

The Best Customer Experience award celebrates and promotes excellence in customer experience rewarding those local authorities whose efforts, alongside those of the NLIS Channels help to deliver an exceptional customer experience and deliver industry leading levels of service.

Local authorities are asked to demonstrate and give evidence of how they offer value added services in order to make the search process smoother and a lawyer’s life easier.

Judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • The provision of an urgent search
  • Timeliness of Notifications: When do you notify the NLIS Hub and others of changes to your service delivery parameters (e.g. technical issues, staffing changes, turnaround time changes, etc) “immediately”, “the same day”, “within 24 hours" or within a week.
  • If a search needs to be rejected, (or when negotiation is used) providing a detailed “customer friendly” and fulsome explanation
  • The ability to supply, preferably electronically, copy documents upon request
  • Provision of value added information e.g. providing links to documents electronically

Judges will use the responses submitted on the entry form and NLIS Hub data. Finally, a weighting based on DCLG private housing stock data will be applied. 

For inspiration and ideas on what makes a good entry, take a look at the answers submitted by some past top performers in this category here.

Submit your entry here!

Closing Date: 12 January 2019

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