Local Land Charges Training and Development Event


The annual Local Land Charges Training & Development event is a highly regarded event in the Local Land Charges calendar and the only one of its kind to offer key training and development opportunities exclusively for Local Authority Local Land Charges personnel. 
230 local authority delegates joined the event in March this year, 95% rated the event as a good opportunity for professional development.  
Key trends that emerged  from the conference include, the importance of data provenance, what value does data hold if we can't trace it back to its source?  This is something Land Data has been stressing for many years and it was good to hear Kate Faulkner from the Home Buying & Selling Group also talk about the importance of data provenance standards, within their upfront data initiatives.   
Secondly the need to deliver search data from authoritative sources in an interoperable, flexible format, NLIS Hub director Nick Dyoss talked about the demise of the PDF and the need to speed up and de risk the homebuying process. Diane Latter from the Law Society reminded us of the Government’s own data strategy which states data should be FAIR - Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-useable.   
The third trend was the need to innovate, Andrew Simpson for the Coal Authority talked about how authoritative data providers, the custodians who understand and interpret the data are in the best place to lead from the front on so many of these initiatives. Jan Boothroyd talked about the power that NLIS gives you to do just that, a collective network established 21 years ago which could be used for so much of what is being discussed now. 
Fourthly UPRNs came up several times throughout the event, a great example of an initiative linking data with certainty.   


Event Highlights


Keynote speaker 


Training Sessions


Industry expert panel discussion


Question and answer sessions


Local Land Charges Awards for Excellence


The Local Land Charges Training & Development Event and Land Data Awards for Excellence 

LLC Training and Development Event and Land Data Awards for Excellence



LLC Training and Development 2022 was a virtual event

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