Local Land Charges Awards

Why Enter?

Winning a national award provides the Local Authority with assurance that the Local Land Charges team is working to a high industry standard and is committed to maintaining those standards. Whether you win, are highly commended or nominated, these awards will highlight the work your department delivers, they boost team morale and show your local community that you are delivering a high level service.

Being nominated not only boosts morale, it also gets your service recognised locally and nationally

Winner 2019 & 2021 Customer Satisfaction Award and 2020 Best Customer Experience Award – Arun District Council

“Winning the Customer Satisfaction Award means a lot to the whole team, especially as our customers had to nominate us for this category. It shows that all the hard work we put into providing a great service is really worthwhile! After winning the award our press office issued a press release which was shared on our intranet, it was also covered by the local press and our Council magazine, this really put Local Land Charges in the spotlight as many people didn't know who we are or even what we do!”

A fantastic opportunity to showcase your work and gain national recognition for your council!

2019, 2020 & 2021 Best Performing NLIS Level 3 Local Land Charges Department Award Winner - City of York Council

“The Land Data Local Land Charges Awards give LAs a fantastic opportunity to showcase their work and gain national recognition for their council.   We were so delighted to have won the Best Performing NLIS Level 3 category for the past 3 years, especially as the department’s team was reduced to just 2 full-time staff in 2019.  I would say if there are LLC teams out there unsure about entering, please don’t hold back!  Even if you don’t win or receive a highly commended trophy, just being on the shortlist will give your team a tremendous boost and show others the effort you put into your service.  After all the challenges and changes we’ve been through in the past 12 months,  what have you got to lose?”

I would definitely encourage all LLC teams to consider submitting an entry!” 

2021 Local Authority Searches Team of the Year, winner and highly commended in 2020 for the Local Authority Searches Team of the Year, the Digital Data Award & Best Customer Experience Award - London Borough of Havering   

“We were really happy to be recognised as the 2021 Local Authority Searches Team of the Year. To be independently recognised during such a challenging year, gave us a great boost and confidence to know we are doing things well and putting our customers at the centre of everything we do. It was also a great way to demonstrate to our Local Authority that the work LLC do is vital within our Borough.  I would definitely encourage all LLC teams to consider submitting an entry!” 

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