Local Land Charges Awards 2020

Why Enter?

Winning a national award provides the Local Authority with assurance that the Local Land Charges team is working to a high industry standard and is committed to maintaining those standards. Whether you win, are highly commended or nominated, these awards will highlight the work your department delivers, they boost team morale and show your local community that you are delivering a high level service.

The Awards are free to enter and we’ve simplified the entry process, you've got until 9th December 2019 to enter, what have you got to lose?

Being nominated not only boosts morale, it also gets your service recognised locally and nationally

2019 Customer Satisfaction Award Winner – Arun District Council

“Winning the Customer Satisfaction Award meant a lot to the whole team, especially as our customers had to nominate us for this category. It shows that all the hard work we put in to providing a great service is really worthwhile! After winning the award our press office issued a press release which was shared on our intranet, it was also covered by the local press and our Council magazine, this really put Local Land Charges in the spotlight as many people didn't know who we are or even what we do!”

I was over the moon to achieve this Award - it's boosted my self-confidence!

2019 Unsung Hero winner – Pushpa Solanki, Bedford Borough Council

“Winning an Unsung Hero award was great for me, it showed my managers the effort and hard work I put in to making the service the best I can.  I received a really positive reaction when I got back to the office, colleagues congratulated me and I was mentioned by our CEO in an internal communication. If there are LLC teams out there unsure about entering an award category, I would say definitely go for it! It’s exciting and even if you don’t win but are shortlisted it will make you feel proud and show others that you put effort into your service.”

You’ve got to be in it to win it! Even being shortlisted is a great achievement!

2019 Best Customer Experience Award winner – Manchester City Council

“Winning the award gave the whole team a real ‘feel good’ factor and bringing the award into the office is a fantastic reminder of our hard work being recognised! It’s a constant reminder that our efforts have not only benifitted our customers but also our service providers. When we got back to the office our Head of Service came to offer her congratulations and the news was featured in a directorate bulletin sent to all employees. Winning this award has set a benchmark for us and reminds us to constantly review and improve processes to make sure we continue to provide the best possible service to our customers.”

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