NLIS Channel Licensing

Add a new dimension to your business


The benefits of a NLIS Channel License

  • Draw down authoritative data directly from over 380 data providers
  • Partner with the only regulated data hub in the market
  • Add credibility through association with recognised and trusted data providers
  • Create customised services specifically for your customers
  • Run secure billing and payment operations
  • Give customers 24/7 access to the NLIS Hub
  • Access a tried and tested, robust and compliant IT infrastructure
  • Connect to a data hub renowned for providing the high standards of property search accessibility and access to the conveyancing market 


Taking a NLIS Channel license will give your business a differentiator from others in the market and the freedom to create unique electronic product offerings.

What do I do now?


Read the terms of the Non Disclosure Agreement

Download here

Fill in the form below to register your interest

I have read and agree to the terms of the NDA and wish to find out more on becoming a Licensed NLIS Channel
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