Land Data is governed by its board which comprises five board members. The LGA also holds a share in Land Data.

Imtiaz Farookhi


Imtiaz became Chairman of Land Data in 2005. He was previously Chief Executive of NHBC (National House Building Council), and Chief Executive of Leicester City Council where he led the successful regeneration of the city centre.  Until recently, he served on the National Learning and Skills Council, where he was prominent on skills and further education reform and was a founder board member of the Environment Agency.  

Jan Boothroyd

Chief Executive

Jan was appointed Chief Executive for Land Data in February 2009, prior to this she had been working on the NLIS initative since 2001.  Jan has had a long career in public service and is acknowledged as the leading Local Land Charges expert in England and Wales and the author of Garner's Local Land Charges, a book affectionately known as "the bible" by the Local Land Charges Community. 

Cllr Ian Swithenbank C.B.E

Deputy Chairman

Ian became Vice Chair of Land Data in 2005 combining this role with the chairmanship of the Improvement and Development Agency for local government, a role he has occupied since 2004 and the Deputy Chairman of the Local Government Association and Deputy Chairman of Northumbria Health Care Foundation Trust. He was previously Leader of Northumberland County Council between 1989 and 1998 and Chair of the County Councils Association from 1994 to 1995.

Sir Brian Briscoe (ARICS)

Non-Executive Director

Sir Brian Briscoe is a public sector consultant who joined the Board in 2007. He was Chief Executive of the Local Government Association from 1996 to 2006, Chief Executive of Hertfordshire County Council (1990-96) and is a planner and chartered surveyor.

Caroline Mikardo

Non-Executive Director

Caroline joined the Land Data board in 2005. She was instrumental in setting up Land Data and transferring the NLIS business into the company. Caroline is a public finance expert, she trained in the health service, and has worked across the public sector.

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