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Land Data regulates NLIS under an agreement made with local government


About Us

Land Data cic is the official government appointed organisation that manages and regulates the National Land Information Service (NLIS) contracts.

Land Data regulates NLIS under an agreement made with local government and carries the sole mandate for NLIS commercialisation. IDeA (now part of the Local Government Association)  established Land Data to serve the interests of the general public by making authoritative property search information accessible to all, whilst at the same time improving the home buying and selling process. We fulfil this remit by promoting official electronically sourced land and property searches via NLIS, throughout England and Wales.

Guardian of official property search standards

  • Manages and regulates the National Land Information Service - the only regulated electronic land and property searches portal and the official electronic gateway to every local authority in England and Wales
  • Works closely with a range of government and industry partners to advise, educate and promote the use of authoritative data and, specifically, local authority searches

Enabler of innovation and improvement

  • Encourages competition amongst NLIS channels for the benefit consumers
  • Manages new product development and service improvements
  • Procures new NLIS channels
  • Spearheads round table discussions and other industry events

Facilitator of engagement and partnership

  • Encourages collaborative working practices between data providers and NLIS participants
  • Provides industry reports to stakeholders
  • Issues best practice advice for the good of all stakeholders
  • A not for profit organisation that drives improvements across the sector, providing objective thought leadership not driven by commercial gain
  • Recognises the work and achievements of the local land charges industry through an annual awards programme, the Land Data Local Land Charges Awards for Excellence, which have been running since 2007

Campaigner and influencer

  • Promotes excellence in service provision across the property search industry
  • Provides assurance to the general public by producing consumer facing guides
  • Provides advice to central and local government on behalf of authoritative data providers
  • Provides advice to other industry players such as mortgage lenders and insurance providers to promote uptake of official searches
  • Provides media with regular industry commentary and information

Trainer and educator

  • Provides LLC1 and CON29 training for local authorities and conveyancing solicitors
  • Hosts a dedicated online forum aimed at reviewing and improving service delivery
  • Provides an online knowledge centre for members with guidance on changes in legislation in the local land charges sector
  • Together with the Local Land Charges Institute runs the annual Local Land Charges Training & Development Event
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